what we do

Analysis & Signals

We provide a unique package of tools meant to support traders, together with technical and fundamental signals elaborated by our algorithms. These, coupled with human skills, give the possibility to operate independently on financial markets.


✓ Reduction of the time required for a correct operational approach

✓ Daily analysis and intra-day signals (2/3 signals per day/per instrument)

Management & Marketing

✓ Risk-Reward 1:2/1:3

✓ 92% of trades completed successfully

fundamental and technical approach

✓ Fundamental analysis of over 500 American stocks (soon also EU Equity...)


✓ ESG analysis for extra-financial evaluation and selection of sustainable securities (Environment, Social, Governance)

what we do

Expert advisor

Our Trading Systems provide automated strategies allowing you to operate on the markets at 360° without the trader's intervention.

trading system

✓ 3 type of EA differentiated by market phase: Trend-following, Flat-range & Arbitrage

✓ 98% customer satisfaction with our EAs

full support

✓ 5-7 days Customer Support from our analysts to install and set the EA in a proper way in order to reduce risk and maximize profits

✓ Same approach used by Family Bankers and UCapital24 - All rights reserved Asset Management

risk management

✓ A priori determination of risk per trade or per strategy

✓ Maximal drawdown of 15-20%


✓ Stress-Test based on resampling to evaluate the trend of the equity line in different temporal conditions

what we do


UCapital Intelligence’s market call, market news, global news and TV channel sections act as a great entry point, helping you learn about the markets.

always updated

✓ Market Call: our talented team of analysts keeps you up to date on the markets on a daily basis, letting you know what is driving change for your investments and providing a detailed picture of the session we are trading in


✓ Analysis written during markets' opening phases

tv channels

✓ TV channels to stay always updated via the largest newspapers


✓ Proprietary insights written by our analysts several times a day

what we do

Macroeconomic analysis

Real Time macroeconomic prediction and analysis with a full view of every single country and economy worldwide. Our own artificial intelligence system allows to predict aright market impact connected with macroeconomic forecast.

fundamental analysis

✓ Macroeconomic modelling and forecasting.


✓ Prediction of daily data and economic activity schedules: consumption of goods and services, transport and communications, sales, stock, monetary aggregates, movement of cash at cash points, contamination, etc.

Broker connection

UCapital Intelligence is connected with our broker partner and you can trade with your broker account with just one platform.

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